iPhone – Poor Battery Life

Today, probably for the first time, I actually used my iPhone 3G quite a bit. As per my earlier post, I was in London. What has been disappointing is the battery life I got.

I set off on the train with a fully charged phone. I had Wi-Fi and 3G turned on. I used the GPS function with the Maps Apps as well as ‘UK Trains’ and ‘Tube’.

I was visiting three places which I had bookmarked in the phone as well as the Apple store in Regent Street.

I started by checking on the Tube status and the trains. All was okay.

On the train I listened to an hour of music. I opened a few apps and sent a couple of text messages.

Then during the day I used the GPS application, sent a few more texts, and made a phone call. I also updated this blog (see previous post).

At 5pm, 10 hours after first switching on, the phone was practically dead.

Perhaps I am expecting too much but i reckon that all told the phone was ‘on’ for about two hours i.e. the screen was on.

This post was written from my laptop as the phone is still charging.

2.1 Installed

Friday the 12th. I just updated my iPhone to the latest software 2.1 and can notice some general speed improvements. I haven’t tested 3G yet as it’s not readily available where I am. I can’t see if the genius is available in the iPod app. as l don’t have any music on the phone at present.

UPDATE: Yes, the Genius option is available.

iPhone Blogging

Being a fan of WordPress as my blogging tool of choice, I downloaded the iPhone application from the app store. This is my first entry using the app. I had to update the WordPress version to the latest and enable an option from my desktop computer. Let see how this goes.