Out of Contract

At last, 18 months are over and I can escape my O2 monthly contract. What I really need is a data plan more than anything. I have found a ‘pay as you go’ SIM from O2 with a £7.50 bolt-on for unlimited data. The only issue is the poor 3G coverage with O2. I will keep looking for something else in the meantime.

I did, briefly, think about getting a HTC Hero but having looked at reviews and read about the performance I decided that the iPhone is still the best SmartPhone available.

Earphones and Shuffle

Since my last post I have managed to get a hold of a pair of the Apple in-ear headphones. These provide a far better listening experience than those supplied with the iPhone. They function almost like isolating earphones and can cut out a lot of background noise. The base level improvement is the most noticeable but also low level sound can be better heard.

In the last few days I also got an iPod Shuffle 3rd Gen. The earphones mentioned above work brilliantly with this device as well. Again the sound is superb and the controls (RH cord) function as expected.

Now that the iPhone is becoming more common in the office where I work I am finding out about all sorts of little applications and utilities. My recent favourites are;

  • TV Plus – allows me to record TV remotely via a Sky+ box
  • WiFIFoFum – shows me all the WiFi networks in my close vicinity.
  • Flixter – shows me what’s on at the movies
  • Allowance – shows me what call time and texts I have used from my call plan.