iPhone – Poor Battery Life

Today, probably for the first time, I actually used my iPhone 3G quite a bit. As per my earlier post, I was in London. What has been disappointing is the battery life I got.

I set off on the train with a fully charged phone. I had Wi-Fi and 3G turned on. I used the GPS function with the Maps Apps as well as ‘UK Trains’ and ‘Tube’.

I was visiting three places which I had bookmarked in the phone as well as the Apple store in Regent Street.

I started by checking on the Tube status and the trains. All was okay.

On the train I listened to an hour of music. I opened a few apps and sent a couple of text messages.

Then during the day I used the GPS application, sent a few more texts, and made a phone call. I also updated this blog (see previous post).

At 5pm, 10 hours after first switching on, the phone was practically dead.

Perhaps I am expecting too much but i reckon that all told the phone was ‘on’ for about two hours i.e. the screen was on.

This post was written from my laptop as the phone is still charging.