Site Update

Its been a while since I last posted an update here. I guess I should start by saying that my iPhone got replaced with a model 7 plus in silver. I also got a second generation Apple Watch.

I am deeply into the Apple ecosystem now. So much so that I tried to use an Android phone (Nexus 5) for a few months and found it a real bind.

I am happy with the iPhone 7 plus as I get one to two days of use from a charge. I get the same from my Apple Watch as well.

I do wonder, however, how long I will be able to keep replacing these items as the cost seems to be increasing yearly.

Eager for iOS 7

A long time has passed since my last post. I have moved through the iPhone generations to my latest; an iPhone 5 in white.

I am now looking forward to iOS 7 which, to me, looks superb. Love that Neon. So modern.

According to the American calendar ‘The Fall’ does not start until September. Screen shots will have to suffice until then.

White iPhone

Since its launch I have owned a white iPhone 4. So far I have not been tempted by the 4s model.

I am using a leather Sena case as the bumper from Apple does not allow me to use the official dock.

The iPhone matches the iPad and MacBook which are also in white.

White iPhone Nearly Here

Since my last post (ages ago) I shelled out for a black iPhone 4. This was on an 18 month contract with Orange. At times their network coverage and speed has been frustrating so I arranged for the phone to be unlocked to all networks.

Six months later and Apple have finally released the iPhone 4 in White. I wanted a white one all along so have ordered one. The old iPhone was sold on eBay.

Having been without my iPhone for over a week now has demonstrated how attached to the thing I am.

iPhone 4 in White

By my crude reckoning the antenna issue of the new iPhone 4 represents about 10% of the network traffic overall. I am convinced that it only affects a few of the 1.7 million owners some of the time. I reckon that a software update will improve the situation.

I, myself, wait patiently for the white version to hit the shelves. I will fit a white bumper to mine because I love that colour.

Perhaps any software update will be in place by then.

Can’t ( but must ) wait.