Improve Your 3GS Battery Life

Recently I was dissapointed with the battery life of my iPhone 3GS. When I first got it I was getting over twice the running time of my original 3G. What could be causing this?
Eventualy I remembered that I had turned on the “find my phone” feature under MobileMe. This seems to be the culprit.
Battery life is much better now the setting is off.

Cranky Texting

Today I left my iPhone at home. All I had was my SonyErricson W302 candy-bar phone that I use for business. As I was worried about where I had left my iPhone and hadn’t turned on ‘Find my Phone’ in my MobileMe account, I decided to text my other half to see if it was at home.

Texting using the W302 seems so cranky now after a year of using the iPhone. With the W302 (with predictive text turned off) you have three letters per key. When I type a word that has double letters or letters combined on the same key I have to wait for the character to register before I can enter another. It feels like it takes ages. The iPhone is much better with its full keyboard.

No wonder ‘old phone’ texting is so abbreviated. Its such a pain.

3G out 3GS in.

It had to be done, and boy am I glad I upgraded. I queued with many others at my local Apple store today. At 0800 the doors opened. Free Starbucks coffee and pastries were being served. I waited my turn and left with a boxed 16Gb White 3GS.
Later after work I swapped my SIM over and restored the phone from the previous phone backup. All my apps, contacts, etc. transfered without issue.
My initial impression; fantastic.

OS 3 Will Have To Do

O2’s upgrade policy for the recently announced iPhone 3Gs is disappointing with valued customers being forced to ‘buy’ out their existing contract. For me this equates to many hundreds of pounds.

For now I will have to be content with the OS 3 software upgrade. At least I can thank Apple for that.
I can only think that the reason O2 will not improve it’s upgrade offer is because they will soon loose their exclusivity.
I sure hope so.


A while ago I was looking for a general tool to store information on the iPhone. I came across Handbase (this has been around since the Palm Pilot days) which I purchased.

Handbase is quiet powerful allowing new databases to be defined and sync’d with a PC. I used it to set up a database for storing all my passwords. This is in-turn encripted via the App.

Now I have discovered Bento for iPhone. I would say that this app would be better suited to most users.

It has nearly all of the power of Handbase but with better functionality and looks. It is also £2.99 as oposed to £5.99 for Handbase.
Bento is still not the tool for creating password databases as it does not include suitable fields.

O2’s Poor Network

I am becoming more and more frustrated with my iPhone data experience every day.

Not only can I not get 3G at work or home (where I spend most of my time) but I also also have problems using a GPRS connection.

Just lately it takes me 4-5 tries to open a web page. Application installs take ages at best but often fail. At least at home I can use my WiFi when it is turned on.

I now think the 3G element is a waist of money. For me it’s unusable.

I can’t wait for my contract to end.

Still Waiting on Earphones

It seems like ages ago since Apple anounced the new in-ear headphones that are meant to be compatible with the iPhone and new nano (I checked my original iPhone earphones with the nano and, yes, they do allow for voice recording).

I think it was as far back as September in fact. Since then I have regularly checked the Apple store only to the “coming soon” status against the product details.

I can’t think why there is such a delay.
I do hope I can get a pair before Christmas or should I go for another brand?.

Is MobileMe any Good?

Something changed. Either I set the phone up correctly or the MobileMe service was updated. This morning I made a change via the Internet and my phone updated straight away. Now that’s more like it.

Even before the iPhone 3G was announced I had a dotMac account. Mainly to get a email address.

When Apple announced the change to MobileMe I looked forward to the change. Especially as this was meant to allow real time sync of e-mail, contacts, and diary.

The realty of this service is a long way from what I expected. More than once have I had to remove the account from the phone in order to force a sync.

Today I made a change to my contact list through the MobileMe web iterface only to find that the change did not sync to my phone. To force the issue I turned off contacts etc. only to find that they all dissapeared along with my diary entries.

Hours have passed and still no sync.

Later I will try to fix the issue by connecting to my laptop.

So much for cloud computing.

iPhone – Poor Battery Life

Today, probably for the first time, I actually used my iPhone 3G quite a bit. As per my earlier post, I was in London. What has been disappointing is the battery life I got.

I set off on the train with a fully charged phone. I had Wi-Fi and 3G turned on. I used the GPS function with the Maps Apps as well as ‘UK Trains’ and ‘Tube’.

I was visiting three places which I had bookmarked in the phone as well as the Apple store in Regent Street.

I started by checking on the Tube status and the trains. All was okay.

On the train I listened to an hour of music. I opened a few apps and sent a couple of text messages.

Then during the day I used the GPS application, sent a few more texts, and made a phone call. I also updated this blog (see previous post).

At 5pm, 10 hours after first switching on, the phone was practically dead.

Perhaps I am expecting too much but i reckon that all told the phone was ‘on’ for about two hours i.e. the screen was on.

This post was written from my laptop as the phone is still charging.