New Mobile Network Provider

For a few years now I have been using THREE as my mobile network provider.

I switched over because of the ‘Feels Like Home’ feature they offered and the fact that I could get high levels of DATA use included in my tariff.

I have used this service in a few countries now and my only beef is the availability of 4G. I seem to get 3G at best and for some uses it just does not cut it. Having said that its great to use my iPhone as a SAT NAV when driving abroad.

Recently, in Europe, roaming mobile phone charges have been scrapped and users can use their ‘home’ contract at no extra charge (fair use policy applies). This means all other providers now offer effectively a ‘feels like home’ service. Not sure what the post-BREXIT tariffs will be like though.

GiffGaff and iPhone Update

Well, now that GiffGaff is a recognised provider I have noticed a couple of changes.

  • Firstly the GiffGaff name appears in the carrier area of the screen (top left).
  • Secondly the ‘hotspot’ feature now works. This is a great addition.

If only GiffGaff ran on the EE or Three networks (instead of O2) – I would be able to use the 4G service. My only option seems to be to upgrade to a 5S or 5C.

Giffgaff and iPhone

For a long time now I have used Giffgaff as my mobile phone network provider. They offer good value and run on the O2 network in the UK.
The only problem I have is that Apple does not recognise them and I have to manually enter MMS and data settings. Also I cannot take advantage of the personal hotspot feature as this is set to O2 and cannot be changed.
I hope iOS 7 addresses these issues.

O2 Out, T-Mobile In

Last weekend my O2 account expired. Thanks to Apple O2 were forced to unlock my phone which meant I was able to switch to another provider.

After looking around I found a good PAYG deal from T-Mobile. I applied for a free SIM which arrived in two days. Then I topped-up £10 to get free texts and internet in the following month. Out of that top-up I purchased a £5 internet booster that gives me free internet this month. A booster is available for £20 which gives internet for 6 months.

So, depending on my usage this month, I could have free internet for two months for a £5.

Compare that to £35 per month.

If you mainly use data and can switch I can recommend T-Mobile in the UK.