3G is Better

Once I was aware of the latest iPhone update from Apple Inc. I downloaded it as soon as possible. My phone is now at version 2.02.

I have already noticed some improvements. Whilst at work, in a certain part of the office, I can now get 3G and at home last night I got Edge where I have never got it before.

I hope that O2 upgrade more of their network soon as I am sure that Apple are trying their best to improve matters.

Whilst reading the web I found a useful piece of data; select the phone keypad and enter *3001#12345#* and you will see a set of screens related to field tests. Press the home button to exit.

My Apps

This screenshot shows the applications I have installed on my iPhone. The blogging tool is ace. It is very quick even over GPRS. I took the screenshot by holding down the power switch and pressing the ‘home’ button.

iPhone Blogging

Being a fan of WordPress as my blogging tool of choice, I downloaded the iPhone application from the app store. This is my first entry using the app. I had to update the WordPress version to the latest and enable an option from my desktop computer. Let see how this goes.