Eager for iOS 7

A long time has passed since my last post. I have moved through the iPhone generations to my latest; an iPhone 5 in white.

I am now looking forward to iOS 7 which, to me, looks superb. Love that Neon. So modern.

According to the American calendar ‘The Fall’ does not start until September. Screen shots will have to suffice until then.

White iPhone

Since its launch I have owned a white iPhone 4. So far I have not been tempted by the 4s model.

I am using a leather Sena case as the bumper from Apple does not allow me to use the official dock.

The iPhone matches the iPad and MacBook which are also in white.

White iPhone Nearly Here

Since my last post (ages ago) I shelled out for a black iPhone 4. This was on an 18 month contract with Orange. At times their network coverage and speed has been frustrating so I arranged for the phone to be unlocked to all networks.

Six months later and Apple have finally released the iPhone 4 in White. I wanted a white one all along so have ordered one. The old iPhone was sold on eBay.

Having been without my iPhone for over a week now has demonstrated how attached to the thing I am.

iPhone 4 in White

By my crude reckoning the antenna issue of the new iPhone 4 represents about 10% of the network traffic overall. I am convinced that it only affects a few of the 1.7 million owners some of the time. I reckon that a software update will improve the situation.

I, myself, wait patiently for the white version to hit the shelves. I will fit a white bumper to mine because I love that colour.

Perhaps any software update will be in place by then.

Can’t ( but must ) wait.

O2 Out, T-Mobile In

Last weekend my O2 account expired. Thanks to Apple O2 were forced to unlock my phone which meant I was able to switch to another provider.

After looking around I found a good PAYG deal from T-Mobile. I applied for a free SIM which arrived in two days. Then I topped-up £10 to get free texts and internet in the following month. Out of that top-up I purchased a £5 internet booster that gives me free internet this month. A booster is available for £20 which gives internet for 6 months.

So, depending on my usage this month, I could have free internet for two months for a £5.

Compare that to £35 per month.

If you mainly use data and can switch I can recommend T-Mobile in the UK.

Out of Contract

At last, 18 months are over and I can escape my O2 monthly contract. What I really need is a data plan more than anything. I have found a ‘pay as you go’ SIM from O2 with a £7.50 bolt-on for unlimited data. The only issue is the poor 3G coverage with O2. I will keep looking for something else in the meantime.

I did, briefly, think about getting a HTC Hero but having looked at reviews and read about the performance I decided that the iPhone is still the best SmartPhone available.

Improve Your 3GS Battery Life

Recently I was dissapointed with the battery life of my iPhone 3GS. When I first got it I was getting over twice the running time of my original 3G. What could be causing this?
Eventualy I remembered that I had turned on the “find my phone” feature under MobileMe. This seems to be the culprit.
Battery life is much better now the setting is off.

Cranky Texting

Today I left my iPhone at home. All I had was my SonyErricson W302 candy-bar phone that I use for business. As I was worried about where I had left my iPhone and hadn’t turned on ‘Find my Phone’ in my MobileMe account, I decided to text my other half to see if it was at home.

Texting using the W302 seems so cranky now after a year of using the iPhone. With the W302 (with predictive text turned off) you have three letters per key. When I type a word that has double letters or letters combined on the same key I have to wait for the character to register before I can enter another. It feels like it takes ages. The iPhone is much better with its full keyboard.

No wonder ‘old phone’ texting is so abbreviated. Its such a pain.