iOS 7 Concept v Reality

In the automotive industry there are regular annual events where manufacturers display their latest cars. At these events there are often so called ‘concept cars’ which show what a future car might look like. The designer’s imagination is allowed to come to the fore and potential innovations are displayed. Some concept cars are never meant for production; others are. These concept cars make us drool; these are the cars we want. This is great publicity for the manufacturer.

Many months’ later production vehicles are released to the market and only a fraction of the concept car is evident. We, the public, are a little disappointed.

The development of iOS 7 appears to be following a similar path. Effectively the ‘concept’ was released in the summer and this was a radical departure from the current iOS 6.

Then over various beta releases the elements are changed and the design moves back towards a less radical one.
Lots of publicity and excitement followed by a release that falls below expectation.

I have not experienced iOS 7 yet and hope that the final release matches (and exceeds) the original concept.