Is MobileMe any Good?

Something changed. Either I set the phone up correctly or the MobileMe service was updated. This morning I made a change via the Internet and my phone updated straight away. Now that’s more like it.

Even before the iPhone 3G was announced I had a dotMac account. Mainly to get a email address.

When Apple announced the change to MobileMe I looked forward to the change. Especially as this was meant to allow real time sync of e-mail, contacts, and diary.

The realty of this service is a long way from what I expected. More than once have I had to remove the account from the phone in order to force a sync.

Today I made a change to my contact list through the MobileMe web iterface only to find that the change did not sync to my phone. To force the issue I turned off contacts etc. only to find that they all dissapeared along with my diary entries.

Hours have passed and still no sync.

Later I will try to fix the issue by connecting to my laptop.

So much for cloud computing.